A new vintage food truck to boost your brand: the Kostina case

Street food, food truck and vintage are the three keywords for the adventure of Kostina, a business idea of Mr. Giuliano Castrenze and of the Chef Michele Bontempi, the owner of the restaurant La Dispensa di San Felice del Benaco, on the Garda Lake.

Street food is very popular nowadays and it keeps gaining ground in the collective imaginary, not as a temporary phenomenon but as a long-time tendency. For this reason, Chef Michele thought about expanding his business with a vehicle that can bring his kitchen on the streets.

The name Kostina refers to spare ribs – costine in Italian – which is one of Michele’s most delicious creation and it is the perfect name for the food truck that will promote their brand and their services at parties, public and private events, in Italy and abroad.

A vintage food truck with extraordinary quality that offers a new generation catering service. An itinerant restaurant by all means that can work efficiently at any event, also for multiple days.

Let’s try to elaborate the 3 keywords of the Kostina project.

Quality gourmet street food for corporate events, weddings, festivals, congresses and so on. Michele’s restaurant won 2 Gambero Rosso forks and his street food meals can’t be outdone.
kostina vintage food truck offers food catering service at private and public events
Some of his offer:

  • Soft ribs: after 12 hours marinade, the ribs are cooked vacuum-sealed for 24 hours
  • Falafel: made with delicious vegetables for vegetarian clients
  • Mini tartare: with Fassona meat
  • Oysters: for a sophisticated aperitivo
  • Mini ceviche: marinated fish with spices
  • Chicken wings: fried chicken wings breaded with rice flour
  • Fried codfish balls
  • Mini gourmet burger

Among beverages:

  • Artisanal beers
  • Negroni
  • Americano
  • Pepper cola


More and more companies and private citizens use food trucks to make more attractive and dynamic events. Kostina, with its original food offer and its unique profile, promises to give a touch of glee and liveliness to the event to make it unforgettable. A classy catering service that can enhance the brand of the event.

The food truck, which is very spacious, is a proper restaurant on wheels with every kind of comfort and professional equipment that live up to a chef’s expectations: fridge and freezer, fryer, induction plate, blast chiller, food processor and even a wooden barbecue!

There is only one thing more attractive than a food truck, a vintage food truck. And when the vintage food truck is a Citroen Type H brand new you can be sure your clients will be struck.

The Citroen Type H was very popular during the ‘60s and ‘70s and today is a proper vintage truck. VS Veicoli Speciali has already restored some Type H for different clients who wanted it as their food truck.

Kostina is a new vintage food truck outfitting realized on the current version of the Citroen Type H. It’s not an historic vehicle that was restored, but it is a fully-fledged vintage truck that can glorify every brand.
citroen type h food truck vintage for brand marketing

New Vintage Food Truck: the ideal vehicle for corporate promotion

The new Citroen Type H converted in food truck, not only can boast an excellent vintage aesthetics, but it also has up-to-date technical features, ideal for working on board:

  • Self-supporting body with dedicated painting and recessed lightning
  • Stationary feet n.4
  • Parking sensors/camera
  • Antibacterial and non-slippery floor
  • Closing system easy lock for the lateral door, no external lock
  • Independent water system with load/unload tanks and hot water
  • Full led lighting internally
  • Electric system with circuit breaker
  • Light, so it can have around 500-700 kg capacity
  • Floor walking area less than 40 cm from the ground
  • Drivable with car license

The new vintage food truck can be fully personalized and this makes it an extraordinary instrument for work and marketing at the same time. Color, materials, lights, design and accessories: everything can be modified in order to communicate the brand and the business in the best possible way.
vintage food truck citroen type h for branding and promotion at events
For example, here you can see some accessories you can use:

  • Camera
  • Logo carving
  • Logo sign
  • Shelves
  • Blackboard
  • Exterior lightning
  • Graphic design with stickers

With the new vintage food truck any business can attend festivals, public events, corporate meetings and openings. You can be sure you won’t pass unnoticed.

A vintage food truck of this level allows you to gain popularity for your brand and enhance the business image in front of big audiences or smaller groups.

Kostina is the first who got it, who will be next?