New Piaggio Porter Craft X Set-Up

When thinking about the purchase of a food truck or a dedicated self-storage retail, two main alternatives come to mind:

  • the truck with customised equipment;
  • the apecar converted for street food or other activities.


These are two very attractive options that can perfectly serve the goals of a company.

The mid-to-large vehicle allows the installation of professional kitchens fully equipped and very sophisticated fittings with large storage space.

The apecar set up for street food or as a mobile shop allows high production volumes to be handled by relying on the charm of a timeless vehicle.

Food trucks serve large volumes of customers without losing the benefits of beautiful design, one thinks of the NV Food Truck and Pro X Food Truck models.

Apecars can be set up for any type of product, bringing with their iconic design a great return on image for the corporate brand.

There is, however, a THIRD SOLUTION that combines all these features, making it an excellent compromise for companies and small entrepreneurs looking for a customised and effective outfit in every respect.

It is called the Piaggio Porter Craft X and it is a vehicle that is truly surprising for the number of

qualities it incorporates.

ice cream piaggio porter tesserete


The Porter Food Truck Craft X has it all


Built on the Piaggio Porter NP6 model, the Craft X is an outfit designed to increase work efficiency and profit margins.

It boasts a number of features that make it more competitive than many of its competitors:

  • it is compact in overall volume. Easy to manoeuvre, easy to park, easy to place in the ideal spot;
  • it is light and very stable. It therefore reduces consumption and simplifies driving;
  • it offers optimised interior space. Although compact on the outside, the interior spaces are large and can accommodate up to three operators at the same time;
  • it minimises fuel and energy consumption. The equipment is designed to reduce both environmental impact and consumption. It also runs on ultra-efficient lithium batteries and provides up to 10 hours of full autonomy;
  • it allows the integration of eXtra, the digital control and efficiency system of all food truck functions: fridge, lights, consumption monitoring, of all food truck functions: fridge, lights, consumption monitoring, routes and safety.


Nothing was left to chance in the design of the equipment: the roof of the Porter Craft X lifts electronically and, when closed, is only 2.05 metres high, designed to fit into any private or city garage.

The counter also slides, meaning that this Porter food truck is extremely compact when closed, but becomes large and functional when opened.

With the Porter Craft X the expression starting a food truck business should be taken literally.

There is an unlimited variety of street food products that the set-up can offer.

Here are some recent examples.


Piaggio Porter Food Truck – Craft X Set-up


Ice Cream Porter Set-up – Tesserete Sagl

Ice-Cream Porter Set-up tesserete


Pastry Set-up Monchaussè

Pastry Porter Set-up designed for the pastry shop Monchaussé


Fast Food Set-up – L’Oeuforie

Piaggio Porter with Fast Food Set-up

interior designed piaggio porter craft x