The ingredients for a good food truck?

Creativity, quality raw materials and the right means. And when it comes to food trucks, the word “means” is the most suitable.

The choice of a food truck must not be limited to the aesthetics and functionality of the vehicle, but above all, to verify compliance with legal obligations. Therefore, it is essential to rely on professionals in the sector.

Health and Safety

A food truck is synonymous with food trade in public areas, be it travelling or in a stable manner.

The vehicles on the market are many, with different dimensions and styles, and customizable to the tiniest detail. What many don’t know is that design is not the only criteria to keep in mind when choosing a truck for your business.

Often, people fall in love with the vintage style of the APE or with vehicles with slick lines with trendy accessories, leaving the most important aspect behind: a street food truck has to obtain a health authorization.

The use of a non-compliant vehicle means the offer of an unsuitable service to your customers.

The Italian Health Ministry order n°114 dated 04/03/2002, in line with European regulations, prescribes the fundamental characteristics of traveling shops:

  • The vehicle has to have a technically adequate structure, when it comes to health requisites about food storage and protection of raw ingredients
  • The minimum height of the internal space has to be at least 2 meters from floor to ceiling, and the minimum height required of 1.3 m from the service counter to the ground
  • The side wall needs to have a protective layer
  • The water system must be independent and built accordingly to the health standards.
  • The floor has to be covered with an antibacterial and anti-slip material.
  • Work stations must be made from stainless steel
  • Gas and electric systems must be certified by the manufacturer

ape food truck with health certification provided by the manufacturer

Those are just some examples of the requisites a food truck needs to have.

So, should we just abandon the idea of street food?

The easiest solution is always the same: trust the professionals. Although a street food business can be started through self-certification, only the builder can release the health certificate needed.

So, all you need is a competent builder that unites meticulousness for design with health and safety, both essential aspects for a safe work environment and a complete service to your customers.


food truck set-up with health authorization provided by the VS manufacturer


What are the risks?

Many street food vendors utilize second hand vehicles that have been refurbished, without concern to the existing health regulations.

A food truck that isn’t compliant to law standards can cause staggeringly high fines and usually even the suspension of the license and the closure of the business.

In addition, a food truck that does not uphold the highest health standards is an ethical problem, because it is a grave misconduct towards your customers, which could be exposed to food tampering and food infections.

Our offer

Every VS Food Truck has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and comforting, functional but above all safe and certified.

Our vehicles take shape around the needs of our clients: our experts will offer their knowledge and competence to the client. We offer a wide range of materials, equipment, graphics and lighting to choose from and an even wider range of optional.

Everything adds up to a truly unique Special Vehicle that identifies immediately the activity that resides in it.

The structure shapes itself around the business plan of our client, ranging from the Ape trucks, better suited for smaller city centers to the various Professional Food Truck line, with ample workspace inside.

Be it a big Professional Food Truck or a charming Ape V-Curve, VS offers an absolute guarantee that our set-ups have a health certificate and all the technical characteristics to offer a quality service, framed into a vehicle with the utmost attention to detail.