Think about it, where have you seen a food truck the last time? Most likely not just around the corner, but in some street food festival arranged by some local organization that, on the spur of the moment, has set up the umpteenth street food event.

Street food is not only some jury-rigged festivals where you can find all sort of things, from market stands to food trailers – badly – disguised as food trucks.

As a matter of fact, there are much more organized street food events, where attending profitably both in terms of gain and visibility. These events have strictly unavoidable admission parameters in order to guarantee high level standards.

Here we do not talk about these kind of events, rather about different possible use of a food truck.

In the last years, for different reasons, the street food industry has undergone a somewhat unexpected evolution. One of the most interesting aspect is that a lot of business men and institutions have embraced the use of these vehicles for the most diverse situations.

Nowadays it is not hard to find a custom-outfitted Apecar in an outlet store, in a golf club or in an airport. They are such adaptable and flexible in use that they can fit in every kind of location.

A great number of companies and professionals made the decision to promote their business with a food truck, and the reasons are very simple: no taxation, low bureaucracy, low investment, flexibility in use, high appeal, selling activity together with original brand communication.

The companies that decided to jump in the food truck industry are pretty different form each other: Aperol, with their T2 minivan has already travelled a thousand miles around Italy winning great success; Raspini and their Apecar mixed promotional events in supermarkets with local fairs; Lavazza serves coffees in the departures hall in Turin’s airport with a Fiat 615, Mastri Birrai Umbri attend every trade fair with attractive beer tasting. These are only a few examples of the hundreds of different contexts where food trucks can work and actually make a difference.

But how can you place your food truck in an outlet store or a supermarket?

The answer is easy and complex at once. First of all you need a project that stems from a product, coming through an original and functional food truck, to reach a strong communication in line with everything mentioned above.

To build up such a project you need to rely on a competent food trucks builder, which don’t just glue a few stickers on a van, but has the proficiency to outfit a food truck that meets the specific demands both of the clients and of the product.



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