Food & business. A well-established combination that is best epitomised by street food!
VS Veicoli Speciali has witnessed a significant growth in its customers’ parterre de rois in recent months. VS designed and produced the brand-new Ape car for celebrated pastry chef Salvatore De Riso in Amalfi as well as the Ape Car used by time-honoured fresh pasta & pastry shop Michelis in Mondovì (CN). The Leinì–based company provides the ideal solution to anyone wishing to sell in the street the typical dishes of traditional Italian cuisine: PolentApe (polenta), BBQ Valdichiana (Chianina meat hamburgers and sausage from Siena), Apuccia Salento in Movimento (Salento bread), Frie’n’Fuie (Neapolitan fried food), The Farmers (omelettes and garden produce), Ristoluccitta (Sardinian cuisine) and Ape Bedda (Sicilian cuisine).

Vs vehicles operate across the country, from north to south and in the islands, and abroad as well: Dri Dri Ice cream shop in Dubai, Domi Gelato and Nero’s Pizza in Switzerland, VS vehicles in Miami, Tokyo, Santiago de Chile, Barcelona…

With its long-standing experience and Italian creativity, in fact, the Piedmontese company is able to meet everyone’s requirements, from major brands (Martini & Rossi, Aperol, Cameo…) to small restaurateurs, from food industry professionals who know exactly what type of product they want, to the young start-ups seeking a “turn-key” solution, well conceived and fully equipped with all its takes to start a business from scratch.
Ape cars and also American-style food trucks (Ducato, Fiat 1100… ) and even trailers, there are no vehicles that cannot be duly converted, no businesses that VS cannot “motorise”.


VS Veicoli Speciali