A Citroën Type H to promote Acqua Sant’Anna: an interview with the marketing director

The frontiers of marketing are limitless. The company Fonti di Vinadio SpA demonstrates it once again by purchasing a new retro-style food truck to promote their flagship product: Acqua Sant’Anna.

Their beautiful converted Citroën Jumper Type H promo truck, for participation in promotional events and initiatives, is a breath of fresh “water” on the streets of Italy.

We interviewed Cristiana G., the company’s marketing director, to learn more about this initiative and the strategy at the foundation of the acquisition of this business food truck.

1. How did the idea of purchasing a promo truck come about? What goals did you set for yourselves?

At Sant’Anna we always like to be innovative and try to get as close as possible to the public.
What better way to that than with our own food truck?

2. What convinced you to choose VS Veicoli Speciali?

They had been recommended to us by our Citroën Type H dealer.

3. How did the collaboration play out from the conceptual design phase to the creation of the customized vehicle?

We immediately worked together in complete harmony.

4. What makes your promo truck special? What are its strengths?

The color and surprise that it causes when it passes by. It gets itself noticed.

vintage citroen type h promo truck made for Acqua Sant'Anna for events promotion. Picture of the open vehicle with the operators on board

5. Where does it get used?

To support events.

6. Who manages it? What skills are necessary to be able to manage a traveling business like this?

At the moment it falls under the responsibility of the Marketing Office that is working on getting the sales permits.

7. How does this vehicle contribute to the promotion of the brand?

It is a mobile billboard with a huge impact.

8. Are things going according to plan? Have there been any pleasant surprises?

There is difficulty in getting the permits with the city, but it’s all normal bureaucracy.

9. Any interesting tidbits or odd occurrences thanks to your promo truck?

None at the moment, but there is plenty of enthusiasm.