2 complementary Custom Food Trailers to open up a temporary restaurant on the beach

The food service sector has always stood out for the imaginative ways in which it offers services to a clientele always in search of something new.

One of the biggest influences on a food service business’ success is its location. Being one intersection down the road, on the other side of the street, or just around the corner can truly make the difference for a food service entrepreneur.

The most popular locations during the summer holidays are highly appreciated by those looking to make good profits. Among these, beaches are highly coveted locales as tourists love to eat and drink along the seaside.

It can be tough to set up a bar or restaurant in such circumstances due to the near impossibility or difficulty in building a structure (even a temporary one) which has all the equipment and electrical systems necessary to support a food service business (especially if it is a full-blown restaurant and not just a simple fast food kiosk).

However, there is a solution. TWO CUSTOM FOOD TRAILERS allow you to get around some of the most common obstacles when attempting to take advantage of such a profitable business opportunity.

Let us quickly mention that 2 custom food trailers, made up of caravans with tow hooks, can carry out two complementary roles:

  • a highly professional mobile kitchen;
  • a storage and washing service.

service trailer with support equipment for food catering, set up for washing and storing supplies
Together the two trailers include all of the equipment of a medium-to-large restaurant which must manage large volumes and a heavy flow of customers.

The ergonomics of the setups have been designed to not only allow the operators to work comfortably, but also to increase productivity so you can carry out more work in less time.

Both custom trailers are equipped with air conditioning to make the work environment comfortable on the beach.

When used together, the two street food carts are able to produce more than any food truck, even large ones.
custom food trailer with professional kitchen for large restaurants
Meanwhile, much like food trucks, the custom food trailers can be easily removed at the end of the season, as these cases require.

The kitchen trailer and the service trailer share the same structural characteristics:

  • a dual-axis, galvanized steel structure with a total mass of 2900 kg and a payload of 600 kg;
  • 4 jackscrew legs which are capable of lifting and stabilizing the trailer on rough terrain
  • sliding service windows on its sides
  • air conditioning and a fan vent to keep to maintain the correct internal temperature
  • antibacterial and non-slip interior vinyl flooring
  • quick-connect water spout and drainage system
  • LED lighting system
  • 32A three-phase electrical system with an electric control panel and a thermomagnetic circuit breaker on each user
  • equal potential bars for earthing


The mobile kitchen trailer

Built on two sides, on the hand there are 4 linear meters of kitchen space which consists of a pasta cooker with a water loading and draining, 6 burners with a static oven, an 80-cm fry top, a 20-liter double-tub fryer.

These all lie underneath an extractor hood which disposes of the fumes outside the trailer.
kitchen trailer and caravan food truck for mobile food catering
There is also a blast chiller, a sink with a footswitch and stainless-steel shelves with sliding doors.

Meanwhile, on the other side, there are two 350-liter fridge columns, a stainless-steel module with four drawers, and a four-door 400-liter with a freezer.


The service trailer

Built on two sides, on the one hand there is the dishwashing and sink area, a double basin and slide rack with a sprayer, washing machine, glasswasher, ice maker, stainless steel storage unit with sliding doors for utensils and non-perishables.
service trailer equipped for storing and washing restaurant supplies
On the other side, there is a cabinet, a three-door 400-liter module, a freezer, another three-door 400-liter module and the fridge, and stainless-steel shelves with sliding doors in the back.
This double custom food trailer has the further advantage of being extremely versatile and can be set up on beaches and open spaces at large resorts, offer a catering service at large events, fairs and festivals, or even follow a tour which brings in large groups of people.

It could also be used a storage and cooking unit during emergency situations.

The two-trailer, food catering system is agile, functional, profitable, and a solution for getting around insurmountable obstacles.

If this is not the case and you need a smaller trailer with greater agility, then a mini food trailer is the ideal choice.

It must be said that there is a solution to everything.