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Food truck, New Vintage Food Truck
About This Project

In the medieval city of Rodemack there is an itinerant tearoom which offers a wide selection of homemade dishes and desserts alongside artisanal and traditional French drinks. Histoire De Famille has chosen our New Vintage Food Truck to turn its restaurant into a tea food truck with a take-away service to spread its delicious desserts around France.


Technical characteristics of the Tea Food Truck Histoire De Famille:

  • New Vintage Food Truck
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • Kitchen area with extractor hood
  • 5kw T5500H Dometic Generator
  • Standard gas compartment with external access
  • Refrigerated display
  • 1 refrigerator column (350 lt)
  • Storage shelf
  • 1 one-door freezer (150lt)
  • Open shelving for storage
  • 220V 16A electrical system with thermomagnetic circuit breaker on each user
  • 2 LED strips along the length of the truck and one LED strip on the side door
  • Collapsible counter for customers


The idea of making the traditional comfort and refinement of a French tearoom more dynamic is truly special. Why sit still and wait for customers when you can go directly to them with an elegant and original proposal? The future belongs to those who have innovative ideas, and we at VS Veicoli Speciali love innovation. Call us to tell us about your custom vehicle.