Small Sandwich Van L’Apuccia

  • L'Apuccia is a food van selling salento style sandwiches in Milan streets
  • Sshop on wheels for sandwiches mobile vending
  • Piaggio Ape V-Curve for vending traditional salento food in Milan
Piaggio Ape, Ape V-Curve®
About This Project

Puccia is the name of a typical bread from the Salento region.
A Small Sandwich Van traveling around Milan offers typical Salento specialties… L’APUCCIA. A mix of tastes and traditions accompanied by an excellent beer or a glass of wine. A friendly, creative Sandwich Van functional to the sale of sandwiches made with Salento bread.
Technical specifications of the Small Sandwich Van “L’Apuccia”:

  • Piaggio Ape Van
  • n°2 One-Door Freezers
  • Dometic TEC29 built-in generator
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 220V 32A electrical system
  • LED lighting 3000°K

Would you like to buy a vintage style Sandwich Van for your business? We craft small food vans according to our clients’ requirements; feel free to contact us anytime.