Ice Cream Ape TM Arte e Gusto

  • Food truck Ape TM Arte e Gusto
  • Piaggio TM apecar equipped for selling ice creams, granitas, drinks
  • Piaggio Ape TM transformed in ice-cream shop for Arte e Gusto
Piaggio Ape, Street Food, Ice Cream
About This Project

Artistic temptations on a Ice Cream Ape TM: Caravaggio vs. Handy Warhol, classic vs. contemporary… handmade ice cream the way it used to be, not without a modern touch. All this on the road, aboard a Piaggio TM Ape Car.
“Arte & Gusto” is a Piaggio Ape TM fitted out as a ice cream truck for selling ice cream, granitas, drinks.
Technical specifications of the Ice Cream Ape TM “Arte&Gusto”:

  • Piaggio TM Ape Car
  • 6+6 ice cream buckets module
  • 2+2 ice cream buckets module
  • Tec29 built-in generator
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 220V 32A electrical system
  • LED lighting

Would you like to buy a customized Ice Cream Ape TM for your business? We mould Piaggio food trucks according to our clients’ objectives; feel free to contact us anytime.