Organic Ice Cream Truck EisCafé Dolomiti

  • ice cream Ape Car - Eiscafé Dolomiti
  • organic moving ice-cream shop on piaggio apecar in Dolomiti area
Piaggio Ape, Ice Cream
About This Project

For three generations now Eiscafé Dolomiti has been making ice cream exclusively from natural ingredients, such as pasteurised fresh milk, cream, sugar and natural flavourings. The Organic Ice Cream Truck is the only artifice adopted by the time-honoured ice cream parlour!
If you come across it on the roads of the Dolomites, you will be able to taste handmade ice cream made from the very best ingredient: hazelnuts from Piedmont, pistachios from Bronte, Belgian chocolate, Sicilian lemons. The real German PDO ice cream can be found in Augsburg.
Technical specifications of the Organic Ice Cream Truck “EisCafé Dolomiti”:

  • Ape Car Piaggio Classic
  • Sliding counter with soft ice cream machine and above-zero 1-door fridge
  • T4000H built-in generator
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 220V 32A electrical system
  • LED lighting 3000°K

Would you like to buy a customized Organic Ice Cream Truck for your business? We design your food truck Ape according to our clients’ requests; feel free to contact us anytime.