Mobile Optical Shop L’Ottica Martignon

  • ape negozio l'ottica a padova
  • Allestimento Ape Negozio padova
  • negozio occhiali veicoli promozionali ape piaggio
Retail & Promo
About This Project

Can you see this incredible Piaggio Ape? You can’t? Well, then you need a pair of original trendy eyeglasses styled by Flavia Martignon. You can find her creations in the streets of Padua. Look for the polka-dots, and you will find the latest fashion trends travelling on a Mobile Optical Shop.
Technical specifications of the Mobile Optical Shop “L’Ottica Martignon”:

  • Piaggio Ape V-Curve®
  • Product display structure
  • Anti-pilfering system
  • Storage compartment
  • LED lighting 3000°K

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