Pastry-Bakery Food Truck Sal De Riso

  • Ape Pasticceria Sal de Riso - Gelati, dolci e pasticcini per la costa amalfitana
  • Food Truck Ape Gelateria Amalfi
Piaggio Ape, Street Food, Pastry
About This Project

An Ape Car fitted out as a Pastry Bakery Food Truck, born of an Idea by Italy’s best known Pastry Chef, Salvatore De Riso, will make your day sweeter with unique street food specialties, freshly baked aboard the Piaggio Ape Car. As sunny as the land De Riso draws his inspiration from… the Amalfi Coast.
Technical specifications of the Pastry-Bakery Food Truck “Sal De Riso”:

  • Piaggio Ape Car
  • Refrigerated display cabinet
  • Generator TEC60
  • Electric oven
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 220V 32A electrical system
  • LED lighting 3000°K

Would you like to buy a mobile Pastry Bakery Food Truck for your business? A food truck Ape Car can really make the difference when it comes to mobile food business. Its vintage taste is simply irresistable. Ready?