Fresh Pasta Food Truck PASTARDO

  • Piaggio apecar v-curve with fully equipped kitchen for vending pasta in Basel Switzerland
  • Piaggio apecar mobile kitchen for vending fresh pasta in Basel. Black colour, totally customised
  • Apecar V-Curve with professional kitchen for street food moving across Basel
Street Food, Pasta, Piaggio Ape, Ape V-Curve®
About This Project

If you want to taste the true homemade pasta like in the Italian tradition, but you are in Switzerland, now you can visit Pastardo! This Fresh Pasta Food Truck based on Apecar V-Curve is moving around Basel with a “cuoco” onboard, a professional kitchen and many italian flavours.
Technical data of the fresh pasta food truck PASTARDO:

  • Ape Piaggio V-Curve®
  • Generator TEC29
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • Kitchen area provided with extractor hood
  • n°1 Gas Bainmarie
  • n°1 Gas Pasta Cooker
  • n°2 Fridges 1-door
  • Electric system 220V 16A
  • LED Lighting 3000°K

mini food truck totally customised for your business. If this is what are you looking for contact us right now for more information and an advise. We design customised food trucks for any commercial sector.