We’re on the verge of this strange lockdown period, and this is a time to recollect and understand how to move forward. Nobody expected such a sudden and complete halt, and even if everyone is more than willing to open up again, we have to face the reality of the stringent rules that will come with the reopening and the doubts on how customers will behave in a post-lockdown world.

Many could in fact be unwilling to go in crowded areas, it’s not easy to predict and it’s impossible to pan ahead with all this uncertainty, especially for those that run a restaurant business or similar.

So, what can you do? Close for good? Open anyway, following every safety directive on Covid-19 until the crisis has passed, which could mean more than a year from now. Moreover, this would probably imply losing more than half of your business capacity to ensure distancing and safety. All of this gets added to the normal expenses of running a business.

There is a third way, that has allowed entrepreneurs to continue working. That way is home delivery through their own food truck. Some venues have started improvising a delivery service while many use the big delivery services that have popped up in recent years.

These service have their own problems, between prohibitive costs of commission and a lackluster service, and they are not available outside of big cities.

edicola mobile per vendita giornali su strada

Today we want to show you two VS clients and how their truck brought them on national news, Edicola Quisco in Milan and Caffé Vergnano in Turin. Their services carried on through quarantine thanks to their personalized trucks and they have been heralded as examples of businesses to follow during the lockdown. Caffé Vergnano gave its customer a proper Italian breakfast on demand in Turin, and is now considering expanding to Rome, Milano and Bari. Edicola Quisco was on the front page of Italian newspaper, with an enormous publicity boost.

caffe vergnano ape tr per street-marketing e vendita mobile

And after all this is situation has passed, you will have a new tools to strengthen your business, allowing you to participate in events in town squares and malls.

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