How can hotels make use of food trucks?

Food trucks have definitely proven their worth in the tourism and hospitality industries.

The purchase of a food truck offers hotels and accommodation facilities the opportunity to earn extra profit through the improvement of the customer experience and promotion of their services.

The type of food truck, the equipment, the energy systems, the logos, and other features get customized based on case-by-case requirements.

Here are some of the ways in which HOTELS make use of food trucks made by VS Veicoli Speciali.

hotel weissenstein piaggio ape food truck

Marketing and Branding:

  • Brand awareness: a custom food truck acts as an itinerant advertisement, promoting the hotel brand. When it travels to reach work sites, it arouses interest and creates joy;
  • Iconic vehicles: hotels can use the iconic value of some food trucks, e.g., vintage ones, to help get their message across. An Ape Piaggio food truck placed on hotel premises provides the business with an extra touch of Italian style;
  • Showpieces: a gorgeous food truck improves the hotel’s image and provides photo opportunities for people to share with their family and friends;
  • Social media marketing: the photos taken by hotel guests and staff get shared on social media and increase the hotel’s online visibility.


promo truck apecar terreni della maggia

food truck for display of products terreni della maggia

Mobility and an Increased Customer Base:

  • Reach: the food truck can easily go wherever customers are—events, fairs, or local state or regional festivals;
  • Flexibility: the placement can be chosen and changed based on tourism trends and the most important events;
  • Local attraction: whether placed near or far from the hotel, the food truck creates a buzz and can become a popular destination for local residents, in addition to hotel guests;
  • Collaborations: the hotel can collaborate with chefs and local restaurants to create exclusive gastronomic events;
  • Increased service: a food truck can be placed anywhere on a hotel’s or resort’s premises (parks, swimming pools, beaches, golf courses, etc.) without worrying about environmental or spatial restrictions.

ape car for street food hotel san pietro positano

Improvement of the Guest Experience:

  • Original experiences: the food truck can act as a bar or itinerant concession stand, making the guest experience even better on the hotel premises (swimming pools, terraces, gardens, squares, etc.);
  • Special events: it can be used to create thematic events, special street food evenings, and temporary tastings and catered events;
  • Fast food options: for a guest in search of a quick meal, a snack, or refreshing drink, the food truck provides a practical and fast solution;
  • Alternative room service: guests can order food or drinks from food truck operators and get delivery directly to their rooms;
  • Private hotel parties: the food truck can offer a catering service for those who want to organize private events on the hotel’s premises;
  • Increased efficiency: during the high season or special events, the food truck can support the main hotel restaurant and help shoulder the workload.

pizza food truck citroen y le rossi hotel in corsica

food truck vintage citroen le rossi hotel in Corsica

Naturally, the aforementioned examples are just some of the many ways in which a food truck can be used in the hospitality sector. However, they give an idea of the amount of opportunities a special vehicle, like the ones produced by VS, can provide.

ape street food park hotel laurin

piaggio ape converted into an equipped and personalized beer truck designed for eguia with a logo engraved with laser technology

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