How to choose the “right” Food Truck Setup and Equipment

Nowadays it is plenty of choices for Street Food equipments, from Piaggio Ape Car and vintage vehicles to new food vans and trailers. Each kind of vehicle has its own technical characteristics and all Food truck manufacturers must respect them.

Food Trucks are very peculiar products: they aren’t manufactured in series because they are completely customized, from plants to seats cane. This building method implies that each manufacturer has its own processing method completely different from other competitors.

To understand better, today the Ape Car Piaggio is the most customized food truck in the market. Like all vehicles, Ape Car has its own legal standard that manufacturers have to follow.

One of the most important aspect is equipment size limitations. For example Ape Classic 400 has max length 1,8 metres and max width 1,5 metres. These measures are given by the vehicle manufacturer, in this case Piaggio, and must be followed closely.

Another very important parameter is the max weight with the full load. For Ape Car Piaggio is 1175Kg, with both driver and full tank of gas. Therefore its unladen weight must not exceed 1050Kg.

The lack of compliance of these parameters means that the vehicle won’t be in legal standards and might have wear and mobility problems.

Before buying a food truck and choosing the equipment is crucial to check on these aspects first, so as to avoid unpleasant situations that can ruin the exciting adventure of selling and promoting on the streets.