Burger Bus Rock Burger

  • Food Bus designed for vending hamburgers at festivals and events
  • Rock Burger is a street food Bus designed for selling hamburgers at festivals and events meanwhile rock music as sound track
  • BluBird "Rock Burger" is a Bus converted into food truck for vending hamburgers
Food truck, Vintage Food truck, Burger
About This Project

The tough dudes who operate this magnificent Burger Bus are veritable “Rock Chefs” who enrich their recipes with their passion for music, their love of street food and a cuisine based on research and creativity, and expertly mix and serve everything on the road.
Technical specifications of the Burger Bus Blue Bird “Rock Burger”:

  • BlueBird bus
  • Above zero fridge column
  • 2 two-door refrigerators
  • 1one-door freezer
  • Kitchen with extractor hood and external stack for a 90 cm gas plate
  • Fryer with double kettle and bain-marie cooker
  • Gas compartment
  • T5500H built-in current generator
  • Gas fan oven
  • LED lighting
  • Systems conforming to applicable standards

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