Food Truck Fiat 1100 Musone – Mastri Birrai Umbri

  • Fiat 1100 Musone converted in Food Truck for the brewery Mastri Birrai Umbri
  • Vintage Fiat Musone transformed into Food Truck for vending artisanal beers
Food truck, Vintage Food truck
About This Project

Among vintage street food vehicles, this Fiat 1100 Musone is truly remarkable. Top grades and honours for the master brewers from Umbria who have delighted our palates with exquisite beer for 7 generations.

With every sip, the use of special, carefully selected malt, wheat and legumes makes this beer a masterpiece made in Umbria.


Technical specifications of the Food Truck Fiat 1100 Musone “Mastri Birrai Umbri”:


  • Fiat 1100 Musone
  • Kitchen
  • Extractor hood for gas cooking plate
  • Gas system compartment
  • 4-way dispensing system
  • 1-door refrigerator
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 220V 32A electrical system
  • LED lighting 3000°K


Would you like to buy a customized street food vintage vehicle for your business? We build new food trucks according to our clients’ requests; feel free to contact us anytime.


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