10 most important Food Truck Festivals in USA

It is no secret that the food trucks industry was born in the United States and that in this great country huge sector events are organized with hundreds of participants and tens of thousands of visitors.

Below is the list of the ten most popular food truck festivals in America based on the number of peddlers and visitors, but also on the quality of services and gastronomic offer.


ten most popular food truck festivals in America represented by one photo


The World’s Largest Food Truck Rally | St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Florida

The name of this festival says it all. It’s hard to beat it, since for 4 years it gathers more than 200 food trucks from all USA.

Here, thanks to the number of different food trucks, you can find any kind of food: from traditional american hot dogs, to Italian gelato, from all asian cuisines to argentinian empanadas.

Fun fact: the founder of the event, Jeremy Gomez, was already in Guinnes World Record because he organized the longest food truck parade in the world.

Taste of Three Cities | Baltimore, Washington D.C. e Philadelphia | June 2018

This is not a simple festival, but a food truck competition for food truckers that come from these 3 cities, with a cash prize, but most importantly, with awards that give a tremendous propaganda value to food truckers.

Amongs the judges, local celebrities; then live musics and shows, entertainment and kids activities, not to mention the delicious street food with loads of beer for all tastes.

Follow the event on: https://www.facebook.com/tasteof3cities/

Atlanta Street Food Festival | Atlanta, Georgia | June 2018

A festival that for 5 years gathers around 70 food trucks with high level dishes that can go from Japanese sushi to Spanish tapas, to Mexican tapas and Italian pizza.

The event is one of the most appreciated of the sector, also thanks to the amazing location where it takes place: the Piedmont Park, a spectacular park in the forest that dates back to 1822 when a few bold farmers founded a farm.

Good food and a unique location, with music, entertainment and good mood; not to be missed!

Los Angeles Food Fest, Los Angeles, California | July 2018

A big event, like everything in California! Over 100 hawkers including food truck, trailers and stands.

Local and international cuisine, efficient parkings and services, walking in the festival’s area, you’ll meet gardens with all necessary to enjoy a cold beer, bars that prepare professional cocktails, well-known chefs that prepare delicious dishes.

Chicago Food Truck Festival | Chicago, Illinois | 4 dates

With more than 40 thousand visitors every year, various dates and one of the best offer in terms of quality and diversification, the Chicago Food Truck Festival is a very popular and successful event.

Dozens of food trucks that offer gourmet food from stakes with fries to Indian cuisine, to hamburgers with top quality meat, to popular lobster rolls and buffalo chicken. There is even an area where you can enjoy a nice sangria with your friends.

On the festival’s website you can find information and purchase tickets.

Columbus Food Truck Festival | Columbus, Ohio | August 2018

A 3 day event with over 70 food trucks. A successful festival with playground areas for kids and itineraries where adults can buy artisanal objects and irresistible knick-knacks.

The food offer is also very different, you can find dishes from mediterranean cuisine, or asian, or mexican, and of course the omnipresent hot dogs.

Follow the event at this page

Seattle Street Food Festival | Seattle, Washington | July 2018

One of the biggest and most popular street food festivals in the USA. It takes place in the South Lake Union area, it lasts 3 days and fills 4 streets with over 100 food truck that offer every sort of food and dishes from the most various culinary traditions: Japanese, Greek, Vietnamese…

Apart from street food, you can find many artisanal stands with high quality standards. Live music, events in the event, loads of beer, will make you be grateful for your visit.

Follow the event on: https://www.facebook.com/events/1522302241188926/

Main Street Food Truck Festival | Little Rock, Arkansas | Octorber 2018

An incredible offer of different kitchen specialities, 5 streets full of food trucks and stands, entertainment and music, activities for kids, artisans and artists that sell their creations, a beautiful experience that this video tries to summarize in a few seconds.

You can get an idea of the quantity and variety of food trucks seeing who attended last edition in 2017.

Keep up with the event: https://www.facebook.com/MainStreetFoodTruckFestival/

Street Eats Food Truck Festival | Scottsdale, Arizona | 10-11 February 2018

A very well organized festival takeing place at Salt River Fields of Scorrsdale. Non only food trucks and great quality food, but also professional chefs teaching cooking classes, cooking contests and even spectacular demo for passionates.

All at the sound of live music and entertaining events to make this experience unforgettable and make you come the next year.

To have a view of all food trucks attending in 2018: https://www.streeteatsaz.com/food-trucks/

Here you can follow the page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StreetEatsAZ/

H & 8th Night Market | Oklahoma City | June 2018

By now one of the leading food truck festival in US with an extraordinary food offer and entertaining events to follow while eating.

The event takes place more than once a year and at the moment the next date is June 2018.

Follow the event on Facebook.