As is known, Made-in-Italy products are all the vogue abroad… and now “Italian-style” street food, with the vintage flavour of a Piaggio Ape car and the excellence of our traditional cuisine, is conquering the world! After France, Germany, the Eastern European countries and Miami, VS Veicoli Speciali now has landed in Dubai, where it delivered two Ape cars converted into street food vehicles under the brand name of artisan ice-cream maker DRI DRI. Italian style ice cream is served from an Italian vehicle par excellence. And needless to say, body and vehicle are 100% Italian-made!

Food trucks for gourmet rendezvous, or Piaggio Ape cars converted with creativity and expertise: there is no vehicle that VS cannot convert into a veritable icon! And the company, already a market leader in Italy, is now establishing itself as a benchmark abroad.

“Foreign customers are captivated by Piaggio Ape cars in particular,” points out Davide. “In this case too, the Made-in-Italy label is a guarantee of top quality and style. After Dubai we are getting ready to deliver a vehicle to Monte Carlo. Moreover, we can provide technical support abroad, which is important, in that in some countries, such as for instance the US, they are not familiar with the mechanical parts of these vehicles or cannot find the spare parts.”


VS Veicoli Speciali