Ape V-Curve® – Mr. Chippy

  • Mr Chippy is an ape piaggio designed for street food business
  • Ape Food van in Dubai vending fried food. Green and white colour
  • Food van sold to Dubai for vending fried food in the streets
Piaggio Ape, Ape V-Curve®
About This Project

The Italian style in Dubai thanks to MR. CHIPPY, the chippie Ape V-Curve® will offer the best fried food in the city!


Technical specifications of the Ape Piaggio V-Curve® “Mr.Chippy”:


  • Ape Piaggio Classic
  • n°1 fridge 2-door
  • Extractor Hood
  • Frytop 60
  • Fryer double tank 10Lt
  • Independent water system with hot water and removable tanks
  • Electric plant 380V 64A
  • Illumination system LED 3000°K


Would you like to buy a customized street food Apecar V-Curve® for your business? We build new food trucks according to our clients’ requests; feel free to contact us anytime.

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