Food Truck Movano – TPOH

  • Food Truck realizzato su furgone Opel Movano per vendita cibo di strada tipico della Romagna
  • Food Truck Opel Movano per vendita piadina romagnola. Furgone attrezzato con allestimento di colore nero
  • Food Truck Opel Movano TPOH allestito per I Piadinari
Food truck, Professional Food Truck
About This Project

The tradition of piadina romagnola gets itinerant thanks to this astonishing food truck outfitted by VS Veicoli Speciali. I Piadinari are ready to bring around Italy one of the oldest street food made in the country. Their piadina romagnola is made only with genuine ingredients and it will be a TPOH experience!


Technical specifications of the Opel Movano Food Truck “TPOH”:


  • Opel Movano
  • Kitchen area with extractor hood
  • n°1 Frytop 1020
  • n°1 Fridge T.N. 2-door
  • Slicer predisposition
  • Cold Storage
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • Electric system 380V 32A
  • LED Illumination 3000°K
  • Plants in legal standard

Thinking of pushing your street food business with a new food truck based on Opel Movano? Taking in consideration different brands for your food van? Let us know your goals and requests, we can put our experience at your disposal working on the best solution for your needs.

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