Snack-Drink Truck Carrefour

  • Ape TR Carrefour punto di ristoro mobile per spazi commerciali e partecipazione a eventi
  • Ape TR food truck acquistato da Carrefour per inserimento in centri commerciali e supermercati
  • Ape TR Carrefour senza motore per vendita bibite e snack all'interno dei centri commerciali del gruppo della grande distribuzione francese
Piaggio Ape, Ape TR®
About This Project

CARREFOUR, one of Europe’s largest mass distributors, have acquired a fleet of Snack-Drink Trucks to place in their supermarkets as mobile food service sites for their clients. They are mobile food kiosks that sell beverages, beers and snacks inside shopping centers and at events.


Outfitting features of the Snack-Drink Truck CARREFOUR:

  • Ape TR® Piaggio
  • n°1 two-door stock room
  • n°1 one-door stock room
  • n°1 open storage area with shelf
  • n°1 two-door fridge
  • kitchen area with extractor hood
  • Cooker/fryer
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 380V 32A electrical system
  • 3000°K LED lighting system

The Ape Piaggio TR is a three-wheeled engineless vehicle made for being placed in closed and open commercial spaces where normal motorized transport is not allowed. Shopping centers, general stores, outlets, large trade fairs, stations, airports, casinos, amusement parks and so on: these are places where this Piaggio food truck is able to offer customizable food service working as a mobile commercial kitchen.