Mobile Coffee Shop ITALIAN COFFEE

  • Ape Caffetteria Ambulante | Piaggio TR® – ITALIAN COFFEE
  • Bar-caffetteria ambulante su Piaggio Ape TR da posizionare in spazi chiusi e aperti per offrire un elegante e originale servizio di ristorazione
  • Ape caffè attrezzata con macchina da caffè professionale e vetrina refrigerata frontale per ristorazione mobile
Piaggio Ape, Ape TR®, Coffee
About This Project

This is the first Ape TR that VS Veicoli Speciali has delivered in Portugal to serve classic Italian coffee! The TR outfitting is perfect for a mobile coffee shop thanks to its large refrigeration space and the possibility of installing a professional coffee machine and a frontal refrigerated display case in it.
Features and equipment of the Mobile Coffee Shop ITALIAN COFFEE:

  • Ape TR® Piaggio
  • Drop-in refrigerated display
  • N° 1 fridge 2 doors
  • N° 1 fridge 1 door
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • Electric system 380V 32A
  • LED lightning 3000°K

Italian Coffee is a mobile coffee van, a sort of mobile kiosk you can place in closed or open spaces and offers elegant and original food service to your clients, all with the appeal of a vintage Piaggio Ape coffee van built on a TR model.
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