Sandwich Truck Piaggio Porter FREGNO

  • porter piaggio food truck fregno trasformato in cucina mobile per vendita piatti abruzzesi
  • piaggio porter cucina itinerante milano. Colore bianco e arancione
  • piaggio porter fregno panino callara veicolo per lo street food a Milano
Food truck, Professional Food Truck
About This Project

Abruzzese cuisine in the streets of Milan: the “callara” sheep-meat combined with a sandwich. Finally something different from the more popular and very delicious “arrosticini”. Nothing better than a Porter Piaggio converted into a food truck to offer a revisited dish from the tradition to the gourmands of a large European city.


Technical features of the Sandwich Truck Piaggio Porter FREGNO:

  • Piaggio Porter
  • Sliding counter with kitchen zone with extractor hood
  • Bagnomaria
  • n°1 fridge 2 doors
  • Frytop
  • Generator Tec29
  • Compliant gas plant
  • Electric system 380V 32A
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • LED lightning 3000°K

The Piaggio Porter turned into a Sandwich Truck is an excellent vehicle for selling street food. Call us to describe your idea and let us design together the perfect food truck for your business.