• ape piaggio modello TR allestita per il castello di chenonceau in francia - colore nero
  • ape tr allestita a bar per castello di chenonceau in francia
  • ape tr convertita in bar e punto di ristoro per chenonceau in france
Piaggio Ape, Ape TR®, Street Food, Coffee, Cocktail-Bar
About This Project

A Piaggio Ape TR at the court of France. In the wonderful location of Chenonceau Castle you need a food court that lives up to its standards! This Mobile Coffee Bar without engine is perfect in this context.
Equipment of the Mobile Coffee Bar “Chenonceau Castellum”:

  • TR® Piaggio Ape
  • Drop-in refrigerated display
  • N° 1 fridge 2 doors
  • N° 1 fridge 1 door
  • Electric system 380V 32A
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • LED lightning 3000°K

The Piaggio Ape TR converted into Mobile Coffee Bar serves as a mobile refreshment station in contexts where it is not possible or convenient building a masonry kiosk and where a traditional food truck cannot enter.
From shopping centers to museums, from large hotels to amusement parks and casinos, the Piaggio Ape model TR can be geared up with US-compliant systems which, in order to offer the catering service, make it a more original and elegant alternative in comparison with classic kiosks.