Ape food truck and promo truck for catering and events

The catering service is a must for private and corporate events if you don’t want to leave your guests hungry and thirsty.

Anyone who ever attended an event knows how important is the catering service for the success of the event. Of course, the quality of food and beverage matters, but how they are presented and served plays also a big role.

Using a piaggio food truck is an attractive solution that catches the guests’ eye and creates a sparkling atmosphere.

An apecar food truck, personalized according to your needs and occasions, does not only make a nice stage and décor, but also offers flexible solutions since it can be moved and placed in any location also during the event, if needed.

The Apecar is a mobile post that can offer a catering service in a creative and professional way.

ape food truck for catering at weddings and events

The possible uses are endless:

  • wedding reception
  • corporate aperitivi
  • snacks and drinks for a shop opening
  • mobile kitchen in private parties
  • ecc.


Renting an Ape food truck for events: Ape20 clients

Ape20 is a company that offers the renting of one or more customized Piaggio Ape, according to their clients’ requests.

Ape20 rental of street food piaggio ape for private and company events

Its fleet is made of Ape V-Curve and Ape Calessino designed and built by VS Veicoli Speciali.

renting calessino ape for event. In this photo personalised by ape20 for tisana

Private citizens and companies, big and small, choose Ape food truck to organize stylish and elegant caterings.

Piaggio Ape for promotional event set up for Salomon Food World

piaggio ape promotional event for salomon food world


Catering service with ape cocktail-bar organised by Moleskine

ape cocktail bar rented for promotional event by moleskine


In retail industry sector, KiK chooses an Ape Gelateria to welcome their clients in one of their shopping centers in Italy.

ape street food rented by kik for an event outside of a shopping center in Italy

Renting an Ape promo truck for promotional tours and corporate marketing

A Piaggio Ape is not only ideal in street food sector and catering, but also a valid solution to promote companies, brands and products in a more creative and dynamic way.

Renting a customized Ape Car is now done on a daily basis for promotional purposes, to exhibit and sell products, in all kinds of locations.

All sorts of companies, in terms of dimensions and types, opt for this solution with a vintage taste.

noleggio ape per tour promozionale di legg mason

Here below you can find some examples of promo ape rented from Ape20.

UBS Bank shows how the Ape can become a notice board and a mobile support during a corporate event

ape for company event ubs bank used as mobile bulletin board

Tapperware opts for a promo Ape for its promotional tour

tupperware coloured ape promo truck

Customized Ape for the Ciod Stonaa event in Bellinzona (Switzerland)

piaggio apecar for events rented at bellinzona and personalised for CiodStonaa

Under Training is a gym studio focused on fitness training, functional recovery and much more, that wanted to use the communicative strength of the Ape promo truck for advertising and promoting its services.

under training promotional piaggio ape equipped for bar service

Legg Mason show how a rented and personalized Ape can be used for a promotional tour with the claim of “thinking independently, together”.



If even a company operating in the high finance sector opts for a promotional truck, it means it can be a good solution for every kind of purpose.

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