Fashion trucks attract haute couture brands

Fashion houses have always been among the most dynamic and open-minded companies. It could not be otherwise as they operate in an industry where products, customer tastes and societal demands change with the seasons.

The fashion clothing and accessories industry is also characterized by enormous and ruthless competition. Anyone who stops, even for a moment, is cut off.

Research into production techniques, materials and product innovation goes hand in hand with the need to innovate the marketing strategies and to find new ways to promote products and brands.

The fashion truck is a shop set up according to the needs of the ordering company, which may be one or more of the following:

  • selling products
  • displaying and promoting products
  • giving visibility to a particular brand or sub-brand
  • promoting the brand
  • offering an information service
  • educating the public in the use of a product
  • furnishing an exhibition or commercial space.


Materials, lighting, graphics, colours, decorative elements and accessories are tastefully and consistently incorporated into the vehicle according to the customer’s directions.
Jennifer Pie Piaggio shop car with customized set-up for the display and sale of underwear
The SET-UP is constructed according to an ergonomic and design-conscious plan, in order to facilitate the work of the operators and to optimize the presentation of the products.

The FASHION TRUCK can be equipped for a wide range of products:

  • clothing (dresses, jackets, shoes, trousers, skirts, socks, shirts, costumes, underwear, etc.)
  • fashion accessories (bags, glasses, jewelry, watches, wallets, hats, gloves, scarves, ties, belts, brooches, suspenders, etc.).

Based on the type of products handled on the vehicle, various equipment and furnishings will be installed:

  • display shelving
  • drawers
  • hanging bars
  • walls and display cases
  • anti-shoplifting systems
  • storage compartments
  • ad hoc lighting system
  • etc.

outfitting of underwear truck with drawers, mirror, hangers and display compartments made to measure

Each element is individually configured and designed to be easily used, furthermore the entire set-up is customized to give a strong brand and product identity.


The appeal of the Piaggio Ape with the extra plus of eco-sustainability

Another positive aspect of these elegant mobile shops is that they can be equipped with an electric motor and a power system based on lithium batteries. In this way, the set-up becomes environmentally friendly, clean, quiet, and appropriate for any commercial context.

One of the vehicles that has most firmly embraced the environmentalist demands is the electric Ape Piaggio, a universally appreciated vehicle that can be converted into a small fashion truck capable of enhancing any brand thanks to its retro and elegant design.

Thanks to the conversion of an electric Ape, clothing and luxury brands can take advantage of a versatile tool that brings additional benefits to their marketing strategy:

  • it captures the attention of passers-by
  • it adds value to the context, being a design object in itself
  • it brings joy and liveliness to the environment
  • it promotes the brand while moving or travelling through the streets.

A limited investment and minimal maintenance costs for a powerful and flexible promotional tool.

fendi fashion truck built on a red piaggio ape


Fashion trucks built on Piaggio Ape for well-known fashion brands

The possibility of customizing the outfitting in every aspect makes it possible to have a flexible and multifunctional vehicle that can be used in multiple ways.

The Ape fashion truck can be used as:

  • promotional vehicle
  • exhibition vehicle
  • mobile shop optimized for itinerant sales
  • mobile set-up for trade fairs and events
  • stationary point of sale within commercial spaces
  • mobile shop in courtyards and private outdoor spaces
  • information kiosk inside a reception hall
  • furniture and design element in an exhibition area.


The following are some examples of fashion brands that have decided to purchase an Ape Fashion Truck by using it in one or more of the ways listed above.



boutique truck used as a showcase in a fendi store



ape rosa clandestino fashion truck for sale of women's clothing and branding



ape fashion truck converted into mobile glasses boutique for ottica martignon



ape fashion truc the lingerie attitude for underwear shop promotion



fashion truck zip and zip bags displayed ready for sale



caramelo milano ape store for display and sale of clothing accessories