• piaggio tr ape ristorante e punto di ristorazione mobile nei centri commerciali iper la grande
  • piaggio ape tr ristorante mobile che offre piatti di pasta fresca nei supermercati iper la grande
  • ape tr servizio ristorazione iper pasta
Street Food, Pasta, Piaggio Ape, Ape TR®
About This Project

The supermarket chain “Iper, La grande i” has decided to provide itself with a fleet of Piaggio Ape TRs to offer an original and innovative restaurant service (a new concept of food court) within its shopping centers. The next time you will shop at one of its stores, you might find yourself eating pasta before a beautiful Piaggio Ape van.
Technical details of the pasta food van “Iper Pasta”:

  • TR® Piaggio Ape
  • Kitchen zone with extractor hood
  • N° 1 fridge 2 doors
  • Second kitchen zone with extractor hood
  • N° 1 electric pasta cooker
  • N° 3 induction plates
  • N° 1 fridge 2 doors
  • N° 1 electric bain-marie
  • Electric system 380V 64A
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • LED lightning 3000°K

Do you have in mind the opening of a pasta van for selling dishes made with fresh pasta? Are you more oriented to the creation of a classic catering station to offer an original service to your customers? The Piaggio Ape TR can be converted into a sort of mobile kiosk to be placed where it is more convenient to offer a catering service to your customers. Being without motor it can be inserted in closed buildings and areas where other vehicles cannot access. Contact us for a free consultation.