Electric Vehicles

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Electric vehicles for Mobile Food Business and Street Marketing

Electric vehicles are more and more in demand. electric Apecars, likewise food trucks powered by electric motors are all perfectly adaptable for on-street trading, at the same time extremely efficient batteries ensure their energy autonomy. Besides the street food industry, an electric vehicle can be an excellent choice to undertake promotional and advertising activities: the electric motor, in fact, makes it possible to circumvent traffic bans and take your messages all the way to the core of historic city centres and their meandering alleys.

Opting for an electric vehicle ensures many benefits, such as:
•    it gives you access to historic city centres
•    is more in keeping with eco-sustainable and locally sourced products
•    does away with unpleasant smells and noise
•    can be charged from photovoltaic panels
Here you can see some electric vehicle models fitted out for mobile food business and commercial uses. They serve effectively also as promotional vehicles.