Ape i.Appy for deliveries that won’t go unnoticed

With the spread of technical and electronic devices that allow to buy remote products online, the home delivery market boomed, together with the corporate needs in logistic and transport branches.

When a company or a vendor deal with deliveries of their products to their clients, beside needing a good logistic organization, they need good vehicles and, not less importantly, an astonishing graphic customization of the vehicles to communicate not only to their clients, but also to the potential ones.

To this end, the Ape i.Appy is a modern and innovative solution. Patented by VS Veicoli Speciali, it replaces the Ape TM box van (now out of production) with a more attractive design and optimized spaces to allow a better transport capacity.

This is the ideal vehicle for companies that make home deliveries and need a customized vehicle to promote their brand during the transport of their goods.

The Ape i.Appy has small dimensions but a good capacity, it is excellent for short-track transports and in locations where a small three-wheeler can disentangle better than a big truck. Think about historic city centers and narrow streets in small towns.

The Ape i.Appy is a profitable solution for multiple reasons:

  • high loading capacity compared to the small dimensions
  • attractive design to increase the corporate appeal
  • double functionality: transport of goods and promotional activity (the Ape can be outfitted internally with shelves and other kind of equipment to attend events using marketing activities around the vehicle)
  • dimensions on a human scale that allow a single person to work on and with the vehicle without any additional instruments apart from his hands and his brain

The Ape VSmart is a box van recommended to farms, grocery shops, pizzerias, restaurants and in general to all companies that other than deliveries also need to be recognizable on the streets showing their brand and their commercial message.

The Ape i.Appy can be outfitted with different accessories to adapt to the specific product needs: from Pizza delivery to quick-frozen foodstuffs to pallet transport, the Ape VSmart can be equipped according to the commercial sector of the client.

Sella&Mosca is a famous wine producer in Sardinia that wanted the Ape i.Appy exactly for its flexibility and ability to represent their brand with finesse and elegance.

ape piaggio van transport for home deliveries and company promotion

This model of Piaggio ApeCar can also be used by companies that are not food-related, for example to transport small items, like electronic devices, clothes and accessories.

Last but not least, the Ape i.Appy is cheaper than the normal transport trucks of medium and big sizes.

Prices vary according to the type of outfitting and the customizations that the client would like to implement. The model is very accessible also for small businesses and entrepreneurs that understood its potential to promote their business.

The Ape i.Appy is the perfect combination of functionality and communication, all incorporated in a single vehicle that can give a boost to your street marketing activities.