Dri Dri – The itinerant ice-cream Piaggio Ape reaches the USA

The Piaggio Ape ice-cream van is the contemporary version of the traditional ice-cream cart, very popular in the second after-war in Italy.

From the hand-pushed carts or the bike-carts to the modern food trucks on 3 or 4 wheels we’ve come a long way, but actually not much has changed. Yes, nowadays food trucks have very efficient fridges, electric generators and pozzetti system to keep the ice-cream temperature, but the essence is the same.

itinerant ice-cream cart historic black and white photo

Enjoying an ice-cream on the streets of a city or in the square of a small village, near a beach or on any unexpected tracks, keeps its original appeal and it’s a nice way to attract young and old.

It’s no surprise that also famous gelaterie, with shops and fixed locations, decide to buy a food truck and sell their ice-cream on the road. This choice not only increases the client market, but also promotes the brand making it more visible.

This is the case of Dri Dri, an Italian gelateria from London that thanks to the quality of their product, evolved into a chain of ice-cream shops and they opened branches in many other countries: Italy, Brasil, Dubai (UAE), Bahrain and USA.


Itinerant gelateria on a Piaggio Ape V-Smart

Dri Dri sells high quality low fat ice-cream, uses first choice ingredients, no preservatives, food colors and thickeners. The daily production occurs in each single ice-cream shop and guarantees a fresh product with a unique taste, which is what determined their success.

Such a product only needs to be known around, that’s why Dri Dri bought several Piaggio ice-cream vans that will be placed side by side their shops to boost their offer and their communication.

dri dri piaggio ice-cream van in dubai

The mobile ice-cream shop they bought for the USA market is built on an Ape Piaggio V-Smart, a model compliant to all safety regulations and hygienic standards of the USA and it has all technical requirements to obtain the certification and to operate on the territory.

In the USA, Dri Dri is currently opening different locations, starting from California. Thanks to the new Ape V-Smart, the famous Dri Dri ice-cream sold around the world are now sold on the streets, in squares and events of all kinds.

Dri Dri is a perfect example of how efficient promotion and itinerant sales are not only for ice-cream but for food sector in general.

The Ape Piaggio V-Smart is a food truck that can be adapted to retail and/or promotion of any kind of food or non-food products.

If you want to buy an Italian food truck that satisfies all technical requirements to be certified in the USA, the Ape V-Smart is the right choice:

  • relatively small and agile;
  • good-looking;
  • of great impact in terms of promotion and communication;
  • vintage style;
  • flexible in use (promotion, exhibition, retail);
  • customizable for a wide range of products.

The Dri Dri Ape for ice-cream was the first Ape V-Smart to successfully reach the US market, opening the way to all companies that are already in the USA or want to start a business in the USA.

America has never been so close!