Ape TR – The ideal mini food truck Piaggio for the USA

In the USA, food trucks are a well-established tradition, they are everywhere and they offer different kind of meals from all around the world.

There are huge festivals with hundreds of food trucks and thousands of enthusiasts attending to spend a day with their friends.

Lunch trucks are common in every city and well appreciated by workers that have no time to dwell in a normal lunch and by all those who just like to enjoy having a bite in the open air.

One of the main differences there is between European and American food trucks is the dimension. American food trucks are usually very impressive vehicles: big trucks, busses, trailers and caravans.

There are also smaller vehicles converted in mini food trucks, horse trailers converted in food trailers, karts and bikes outfitted to sell food, but those are more folkloristic vehicles than proper business tools.

The American market lacks a small vehicle with good loading capacity that can bear high selling volumes and, at the same time, live up to a brand.

The Piaggio Ape TR is a mini food truck of new generation that, other than the abovementioned features, can be located in unusual contexts, where normal food trucks have no access.

How many companies would exploit the chance to place a food truck that is a mobile selling station in commercial areas where motorized vehicles are not allowed?

Today, with Ape TR this is possible, in the USA but also in Europe.


Ape TR – a new food truck for the USA market


Ape by Piaggio has a long history in serving companies. Today, as in the past, this iconic working vehicle is still widely appreciated for its flexibility, its loading capacity and the everlasting appeal of its design.

Ape TR is a version without engine of the Piaggio Ape Classic, designed and patented by VS Veicoli Speciali to be located in indoor commercial areas, where motorized vehicles are not allowed.

Thanks to this feature, Ape TR is chosen by companies to be placed as a mobile selling point in train stations, airports, commercial malls and museums, casinos, car dealers, congress centers, big hotels and resorts…


ape tr food truck realizzata per Nonna & Nonno e piazzata in un centro commerciale di Parigi


Not only indoors, but also outdoors! Amusement parks, outlet villages, big exhibition areas, big resorts and corporate yards are now adorned with Ape TR that can be a mobile kiosk or a promotional stand placed in transit areas where is more convenient to offer a service (food or other kinds).

The high quality of its vintage design attracts the curiosity of the passers-by, improving profits and visibility.

The patented Ape TR is a great solution for promotional activities and street food businesses in the USA thanks to its fundamental features:

  • can be outfitted with plants compliant to US standards
  • has no engine
  • no need for maintenance
  • easy set-up: it just takes an electricity connection
  • can be easily moved from one location to another according to the client’s needs
  • has perfect ergonomics for selling purposes and small spaces


Ape TR has already been chosen by very important brands of the European market and it is used in unique contexts with high commercial potential. Here some examples:


Examples of Ape TR outfitted for European companies


Ape Carrefour

carrefour ape street-food voila for promotional and commercial activities in enclosed spaces


Ape “Iper, La grande i”

ape tr shopping center iper la grande


Ape Chenonceau

ape food truck piaggio chenonceau - catering service at the castle


Ape Vergnano

mobile cafeteria piaggio ape tr vergnano in front of the stand during the fair


Ape Pepino

pepino ape gelato inside mercedes dealer


Ape “Nonna et Nonno”

piaggio ape tr nonna-et-nonno shopping center in france


Ape Gino1950

ape tr without engine in shopping mall - gino1950