Seafood Truck Pescepane

  • Piaggio van designed for food catering and street vending. Celest colour
  • Piaggio van modified for vending street seafood equipped with professional kitchen
  • Pescepane is a Piaggio van modified for cooking and vending street seafood dishes and food catering. Its colour is celest
Piaggio Ape
About This Project

The Seafood Truck Pescepane is ready to bring around Florence and to your home the most delicious seafood dishes from all over the world: revised fish&chips, traditional Italian seafood, fried seafood skewers prepared with excellent ingredients… everything served with some bread, the basis of their cuisine.


Technical specifications of the Seafood Truck PESCEPANE:

  • Ape Piaggio Classic
  • n°2 fridge 1-door
  • Kitchen Area with n° 1 Frytops and n°2 Fryers
  • Extractor Hood
  • Generatore TEC 29 Dometic
  • Independent water plant with how water
  • Electric system 220V 32A
  • Sistema illuminazione LED 3000°K

Would you like to buy a custom Seafood Truck equipped to serve high quality seafood specialties? Our food truck Piaggio are carefully customised following your guidelines; feel free to contact us anytime.