Indian Food Truck Chez Bilia

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Food truck, New Vintage Food Truck
About This Project

Indian cuisine is colorful, flavorful, and spicy. Over recent years, it has really grown in popularity in Europe as well. In Montreux, the friends of Chez Bilia thought it was time to go that extra mile to make traditional Indian cuisine even more famous.
The result is this splendid NV Food Truck converted into an itinerant restaurant and set up to serve Indian food to crowds of hungry and excited customers.
Technical features of the Chez Bilia Indian Food Truck:

  • New Vintage Food Truck
  • 700 lt fridge column
  • 300 lt fridge
  • Hood
  • 3 electric bain-maries for 6 GN 1/2
  • 6 gas burners
  • Steel wall unit
  • Closed storage space
  • Open storage space
  • Gas system
  • 380V 32A electrical system with circuit breaker
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • LED Lighting

Do you want to create a custom Indian food truck for your city’s streets? Do you have specific requests to set it up exactly as you want? Let us know what you have in mind. We will figure out how to help you as much as possible.