Ice Cream Ape Calessino Cammarata

  • gelateria ambulante su allestimento ape calessino
  • ape calessino street food cammarata per vendita gelato
Piaggio Ape, Ice Cream
About This Project

Small but functional and really delicious! The real gelato is on its way aboard an Ice Cream Ape Calessino… the legend of the world’s most glamorous three-wheeler renews itself in its youngest version.
Ice Cream Ape Calessino. Street food body equipped as follows:

  • Piaggio Ape Calessino
  • 8 ice cream buckets module
  • Glycol cooling system
  • Systems conforming to the applicable standards

Are you thinking of a project for an Ice Cream Ape Calessino or some other option of Ape food truck? Let us know: we will work together to design the ideal vehicle for your business.